Sunday, March 4, 2007

David Gough Fantasy Art

Born Liverpool England in 1967, David Gough has over 20 years experience as a commercial artist and designer, David's work has been featured in RPG's, books, comics magazine covers,ad campaign's ,and music cd's and more recently in the 'Art Wanted' coffee table book. Later this year, his work is to be featured in his first solo art book called 'Gods and Monsters'.

David Gough Official Website


Nikolas said...

This art.
Simply brilliant.
When a certain friend pointed me here, I should have expected such.
Where could have my pessimism come from?

All in all, Good job.

The Elderly said...

...hiya Nikolas, and thank you for the first comment, as for the pessimism, it was most likely the virtual chicken dinner on justwalls...... in fact i've been a bit iffy myself since.....