Thursday, September 29, 2011

Cosplay Women with Swords

I wish I knew Korean, google translated as "Diablo styled empress dowager" not a single link could I find to either the cosplayer, the game site or the character.  But too good to leave on my hardrive.

Update: 1st October 2011
Supreme gratitude to "Anonymous" (see comments) for tracking down the information, and for providing an absolute treasure of a  link. The cosplayer is Chinese model, Pan Shuang Shuang with a cosplay theme "Night noblewoman" see more stunning images from IulyaSama on

(bows to "Anonymous")

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Anonymous said...

Use google image search and it finds some very good links to the cosplayers:

The Elderly said...

Anon thank you so much :) great tip and how in earth did you find the link.. stupendous!! much appreciated

Anonymous said...

Hi, only now stumbled upon your blog post with google.
Good writeup, going to add you to google reader right now.
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Elderly Gamer said...

Thanks for the kind words Anon, had to remove the hyperlink.