Saturday, September 1, 2012

Tekken Characters Alex

Alex Tekken character

Alex Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Wallpaper
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Alex Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Facebook Cover Photo
Alex Facebook Cover Photo

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As Tekken Tag Tournament 2 loads up for a release this September, the sheer wealth of unique characters (50 at last count) and imagery is too good an opportunity to slip.  Whilst I'm not the most avid Tekken fan out there, respect is due for the amount of imagination that went into the character creation and costumes for the fighting game series by Namco Bandai.  Here therefore a humble attempt to document the characters, their attributes and their imagery starting with.

Alex アレックス Arekkusu
created by Doctor Boskononovitch using DNA from Dromaeosaurid fossil samples. Taught "Commando Wrestling" by Armor King and subsequently discovered and rescued from captivity by Jun who arranged for him to retire to safety in Australia.  Appearing along with his fellow captive Roger, in the first Tekken tag Tournament release they share the same stance and move set.  In Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Alex has his own unique movement set.

Fighting style: Commando Wrestling
First Appearance: Tekken 2 (1996) as costume pallete swop for Roger

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